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Steve Goodson - Saxophone Designer to the Stars


All of the saxophones and necks designed by me have a direct linage to my 104,000 silver plated H. Selmer (Paris) tenor, which I have owned since new. My parents bought this horn for me as a reward for making first chair in the All State band (at age 14!) and as a result, this instrument became the tool that enabled me to put myself through college (and live quite well while attending college!) and support myself all of my life. This horn and I have been to every continent except Antarctica together, and have shared many, many adventures. I’ve always taken candy from strangers, and I could never leave well enough alone. As soon as the horn needed maintenance (it was played a lot!), I began making modifications. I was never the least bit hesitant to try something new, and since I had done almost all of my own repairs since high school, I was familiar with the basic techniques which enabled me to experiment with my saxophone.


Anthony Bourdain Features Steve & Saxgourmet on His Show

Anthony Bourdain and The Balvenie head to New Orleans, the Birthplace of Jazz, to meet legendary saxophone designer, Steve Goodson, who has been creating and restoring brass instruments for the last 40 years. In this episode Anthony is introduced to the incomparable “category five” saxophone.


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Steve writes an article about saxophone design for each and every issue of Saxophone Today magazine……click here to visit the magazine site and subscribe. Prior to his employment by Saxophone Today, Steve was a paid writer for The Saxophone Journal for many years. He has also contributed many articles on the topics of saxophone history, saxophone repair, saxophone manufacturing, and professional saxophone performance skills as a paid free lance writer for magazines in the United States, Great Britain, Europe, and Asia.



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