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Mojo’s Never Stick Pad Powder


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Make sticking pads a thing of the past! Mojo’s will stop sticking pads immediately! Just clean the tone hole tops (this is essential) and apply Mojo’s with the applicator attached to the bottle, and voila! No more sticking pads! Each bottle contains enough Mojo’s to treat about a dozen saxophones. We use Mojo’s on all our overhauls! As an added benefit, it makes your horn smell like hippie girls. Hippie girls are well known friends of saxophonists, and it’s been shown that the regular use of Mojo’s Never Stick Pad Powder actually attracts them!

Unlike other pad powders on the market, Mojo’s Never Stick does not ABSORB moisture through the use of ingredients such as talc or corn starch. Mojo’s causes your pads to SHED moisture, so it is never absorbed by the leather and cannot break down the leather over time. The difference is amazing!

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