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Saxgourmet Voodoo Rex Tenor Saxophone






THE LARGEST BORE AND BELL OF ANY OF OUR SAXOPHONES  gives the Voodoo Rex a huge voice with plenty of projection.

SOLID COPPER BELL, BOW, BODY TUBE, AND NECK gives the Voodoo Rex a dark, smoky tone with plenty of punch. If you are looking for a full sound, this is the horn for you!

ROLLED TONE HOLES  increase the contact area between the tone hole chimney top and the pad leather, resulting in a very positive feel.

KANGAROO LEATHER PADS  Kangaroo leather is both the softest and the strongest leather in the world. The pads have a firm feel, and the kangaroo leather prevents excessive pad noise. Due to the unique cell structure of marsupials, kangaroo pads do not stick. The black color of the pads gives the Super 400 an extremely distinctive look.

SOLID COPPER AIRTIGHT RESONATORS  give a natural reflection of the waves as they travel through the body. The resonators are securely installed with a through rivet and have a perimeter rim which seals the resonator to the pad leather and prevents any “blow through” leaks.

SPECIAL COMPENSATOR KEY (Alto only)  brings the troublesome third space C# into tune, and eliminates the thin, shrill tone often heard on the palm keys


both the side Bb and side C are easily adjusted by means of screw adjustors mounted on the key, enabling the player to adjust them into perfect tune.

UNDERSLUNG OCTAVE MECHANISM  eliminates accident bending when the horn is being assembled, and gives a “gravity assist” to the neck octave key pad for perfect sealing.

ERGONOMIC CHROMATIC AND HIGH F# KEYS  make these ordinarily hard to reach keys easy to access and use

DOUBLE ARMS ON THE LOW C, LOW B, AND LOW Bb  prevent the large key cups from moving andassure leak free operation and an extremely positive “feel” when executing these notes

ERGONOMIC THUMB RESTS  the right hand thumb rest has an extra wing to fully support the last digit of the thumb, giving unsurpassed comfort. The metal thumb rest for the left hand is fully domed to allow easy activation of the octave key.

THREE RING STRAP HOOK  allows the player to easily alter the playing position, and accommodates a variety of body sizes.

FULL VERY EXTENSIVE HAND CUT ENGRAVING  on the bell flare, the bell, the bow, the body tube, both necks, and all key cups. No other saxophone has as much engraving

DEEP WATER ABALONE KEY TOUCHES  on the B, A, G, G#, F, E, and D keys. Abalone is far more beautiful and durable than conventional materials which are ordinarily used on saxophones.

ELECTROSTATICALLY APPLIED CLEAR COAT  prevents copper tarnishing and eliminates the need for hand polishing. The clear coat over the brass keywork and trim has a very slight gold tint.

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