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Do you do short term rentals of saxophones to visitors to New Orleans ?

Unfortunately, our business insurance does not cover rentals, so we are not in that business….


Can I stop by your store when I’m visiting New Orleans?

Sure you can, and we will be thrilled to see you! We’re always glad to see customers by prior appointment only between 10 AM and 3 PM, Monday through Thursday…..unfortunately, we are not available evenings or weekends……to make an appointment, just give us a call 504 – 324 – 3850……please, if you’re just lonely, understand that we are very busy………


Can I arrange a weekend appointment at Saxgourmet?

Generally, no……our regular business hours are Monday – Thursday, 10AM – 3PM…..we are often obligated for private lessons and seminars at other times.


Can you work on my horn “while I wait�

Generally, no……we really don’t solicit minor repairs and adjustments, only full overhauls (with very few exceptions).


Does Saxgourmet make donations to schools?

Yes…..we will consider a donation equal to 20% of the legitimate bid requests we have gotten from your school in the last twelve months.


How can my music store become a Saxgourmet Products dealer?

We do not sell our products through a dealer network, ONLY direct off our website. This allows us to hold down costs and pass the savings along to our customers.


How do I become a Saxgourmet Endorsing Artist?

The short answer is: show us how many saxophones you can sell for us per year……we are ONLY interested in artists who help us promote our products……we are only interested in artists who have significant exposure to our target markets……we are not interested in artists with only a local following or who are “on the way upâ€â€¦..we do not pay our artists, and do not generally provide them with instruments at no cost…..results matter to us…..we are not impressed with empty promises and predictions……we have heard them all before


Will you consider my current horn as a trade in on a Saxgourmet saxophone?

Unfortunately,  no……we are not in the used instrument business, and would have no use for your horn


Can I order a custom tip opening on my Saxgourmet mouthpiece?

Yes…..we are happy to make up any tip opening you want (subject to the capabilities of the blank to accept the tip you want) for an additional charge of $100/hour for the amount of time it actually takes to alter the tip. This is generally a 2 to 3 hour process from start to finish.


Are other finishes available on Saxgourmet saxophones beside copper?

Unfortunately, no



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