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Saxgourmet Fat Boy Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece






RADIAL SCOOP BEAK  the scoop beak on the Fat Boy mouthpiece is shorter than the beak used on our other metal mouthpieces since the key design element is the high mass of the body.

STRAIGHT BAFFLE WITH AN ANGLED CLIFF  the medium height straight baffle extends the entire length of the beak, and ends at the tone chamber with a 45 degree cliff. There is a significantly sized “lake” immediately behind the tip rail, and a slight rollover at thee junction of the lake and the straight baffle.

LARGE ROUND CHAMBER  gives the Fat Boy the rich, complex tone which makes it so versatile and appropriate for so many musical styles.

THIN RAILS AND A PURE RADIAL FACING  allow the Fat Boy to easily articulate rapid passages at all dynamic levels

SOLID BRASS CONSTRUCTION  the Fat Boy is machined from a solid billet of bell quality brass. The brass is left unlacquered and unplated in order to achieve maximum response.

AVAILABLE TIP OPENINGS  .090; .105; and .120

INDIVIDUALLY HAND FACED  each Fat Boy is hand faced at our offices in New Orleans, and each one is play tested by Steve Goodson.

The Fat Boy has quite a large following among jazz players. It has been a favorite of our customers for many years, and now comes with a Saxgourmet ligature and cap.

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