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The Shipping Dilemma

06 Jun

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I was having an email conversation this morning with an absolutely world class prick from New Zealand who objected to the shipping costs as too high……stating that he could get shipping services for far less…..well, maybe he’s right.

We ship small packages via USPS World Express Mail. We do so because (1) we get a tracking number so we know where the shipment is at all times (2) it’s pretty quick: the customer generally gets their merchandise in a few days instead of weeks (3) these packages tend to clear customs much quicker than packages sent via conventional mail and (4) we get proof of delivery…..of course, nothing in this life is free, so all of this comes at a cost. We think it’s worth it. Most of our customers agree. Some don’t agree, and we don’t care. Our experience has taught us that those who insist on the cheapest possible shipping are always the first to complain.

When we ship horns or other high value items, we have learned from long bitter experience that “too much is always better than not enough” when it comes to packaging. Yes, this increases cost. It also significantly reduces problems and shipping damage. Yes, some people object and want us to use cheaper shippers and packing. No, we won’t do that, and no, we don’t care what they think.


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