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Stainless Steel Super Duck Tenor Mouthpiece





THE SOUND: The Stainless Steel Super Duck is not for the timid! Stainless steel mouthpieces have been used for many years by great players like Sonny Rollins and Bobby Keys. The sound is cutting, with great projection, and not in any way thin or shrill sounding. It will tell the other players in your band to get out of the way!

THE APPLICATION: The Stainless Steel Super Duck is ideal for modern jazz and rock.


           MATERIAL: The Stainless Steel Super Duck is made from surgical stainless steel

           BAFFLE: The baffle is high and straight with a small “lake” behind the tip rail

           CHAMBER: The elliptical shaped chamber is medium large in size

           WALLS: The chamber walls have a gentler curve

           RAILS: The tip and side rails are extremely thin for lightning quick articulation

           WINDOW: The window is medium large with rounded edges

           FACING LENGTH: The facing length is medium long so the low notes speak easily

           CURVE TYPE: The curve is a pure radial


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