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17 Jul

Steve Goodson: Saxophone Designer, Visionary, and Guru By T. R. Johnson The saxophone has always been the province of the boldest innovators. When Antoine Joseph “Adolphe†Sax first developed the horn in the 1840s, his competitors tried to ruin him any number of times – twice, they made attempts on his life. But Sax knew […]

A Magazine interview of Steve from 2008

17 Jul

STEVE GOODSON Q & A   Since your personal collection of vintage horns approaches a hundred examples, would you mind telling me which one is your favorite? If only I could have as many wives as I have saxophones! Honestly, they’re all my favorites because each one of them represents something in saxophone history and […]


15 Sep

  A BRIEF HISTORY OF SAXGOURMET  SAXOPHONES DESIGNED BY STEVE  GOODSON Since the very beginning, the goal and design objective of Saxgourmet and Steve Goodson Model saxophones has always been to offer saxophone players instruments of super premium quality that have unique features available nowhere else that make them easier to play. These unique features, both in […]

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