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Saxgourmet Curved Soprano Saxophone






WHY CURVED AND NOT STRAIGHT?  We discontinued the manufacture of straight and “Saxello” style sopranos several years ago because we realized that they were hard for the performer to hear because the bell at best is pointed away from the player, and at worst is pointed at the floor! There is no acoustic reason that a curved soprano should sound different than a straight soprano or have inherent pitch difficulties if the manufacturer simply pays attention to the math!

HIGH COPPER CONTENT ROSE BRASS  the Model Six uses an alloy which is 84% copper rather than the usual 70% used on most saxophones. This produces more of the lower harmonics and prevents excessive shrillness. We believe that most sopranos on the market are far too thin and shrill sounding.

IT SHOULD NOT HURT TO PLAY YOUR SAXOPHONE  a very serious shortcoming we find with other saxophones is that they are simply uncomfortable to play. Consider the location of the LH pinky table on other sopranos: you must curve your pinky back in order to reach the key touches. Our LH table is placed directly under the natural position for the pinky, and all of the keys are fully articulated, with a tilting low Bb. The RH thumbrest is offset significantly to the left of center on the body tube so that the player does not have to retract the thumb. The palm key touches are higher than normal so that they are easily reached without leaving the playing position.

KANGAROO LEATHER PADS AND AIRTIGHT COPPER RESONATORS  Kangaroo leather is the softest and the strongest leather on the planet. Because marsupials have a different cell structure than mammals, the kangaroo leather not only does not stick, but also greatly reduces key noise due to its softness. Our solid copper resonators have a unique perimeter rim that seals against any blow through leakage.

THREADED TENON INTERIOR  threading the interior of the neck tenon creates a “boundary layer” of air which allows the wave to pass more easily at that point. This greatly eases the production of the troublesome lower notes, C and B.

LOW B AND LOW Bb ON THE RH SIDE OF THE BELL  on most soprano saxophones manufactured today, the tone holes for the low B and Bb are on the left side of the bell, near the players body. The body of the player actually muffles these notes, giving them a muddy quality. We have successfully moved the low B and Bb tones holes to the right hand side of the bell, giving these notes a full and equal voice.

KEYWORK TO HIGH G  unlike other sopranos, the Saxgourmet Model Six extends the normal keywork range up to high G. The key touch for high G is mounted directly above the high F# key touch.

BRIGHT COPPER PLATE FINISH WITH EXTENSIVE HAND CUT ENGRAVING  the Model Six curved soprano is beautifully finished in copper plate, giving it the “new penny” look. The plating is fully sealed by an electrostatically applied clear coat and will never need polishing or other maintenance. The Model Six is fully hand engraved on the bell, bow, body tube, and key cups. No other soprano on the market has as much hand cut engraving.

DEEP WATER ABALONE KEY TOUCHES  Abalone is not only beautiful, with random multi-colored striations, it is also extremely durable and very comfortable to the finger tips. In addition to the main stack key touches, abalone is also used on the G# and chromatic F# key touches. Although considerably more expensive, we use only deep water abalone rather than ordinary bay abalone due to its brighter coloration.

THREE RING STRAP HOOK  we strongly recommend using a neckstrap with any soprano, and our three ring strap hook accommodates the variations in body type for maximum player comfort.

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