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Saxgourmet Power Point Solid Copper Resonator Sets


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These are simply the finest resonators available anywhere, at any price. They are our own unique design, and are available nowhere else. The sets are machined from a billet of SOLID COPPER……there are no seams or joints. Each set is custom sized for your specific horn (be sure to let us know the exact make and model) and can be significantly oversized upon your request.

The unique conical shape dramatically  increases the area of the reflective surface without significantly reducing the internal volume of the tone hole chimney.

The Power Point Resonators tightly attach to your pads by means of a screw and washer system and may be re-used whenever pads are replaced. They are simply the last resonators you will ever have to buy!

We manufacture Power Point resonators in the following millimeter sizes: 11.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40. 

Saxgourmet Power Point Resonators are sold in sets ONLY……we do not sell individual resonators.


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