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Jack of Spades Wooden Alto Mouthpiece



THE SOUND: The Jack of Spades is an incredibly rich sounding mouthpiece, with a very complex tone filled with  an fantastic, very unique mix of highs, mids, and lows. The sound is best described as being like a super high end clarinet, with woody overtones enriching the dark timbre.

THE APPLICATION: The Jack of Spades is designed to give the player a dark and very complex sound which is particularly well suited for jazz and popular music work.


          MATERIAL: The Jack of Spades is made from the same type wood as a high quality

                                    clarinet. This is the secret to the rich, complex tone.

          BAFFLE: The baffle is medium high to give great projection.

          CHAMBER: the chamber is a large, bullet style, for plenty of mids and lows

          WALLS: the chamber walls are round to give a smooth, dark sound

          RAILS: the tip and side rails are hand cut and quite thin

          WINDOW: the window is medium sized

          FACING LENGTH: the facing length is medium

          CURVE TYPE: pure radial






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