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Dragon’s Tongue Delrin Mouthpiece





This exciting product is the result of over two years of experimentation into combining state of the art CNC machining with the super high tech polymer, Delrin. Delrin has absolutely the best acoustic properties of any materail we have tried. It is extremely resonant, and is super stable and strong. It can be machined with exactly the same precision as metal, so very close tolerances are possible. Our original design for this mouthpiece incorporates several features we have never offered our clients. The baffle to chamber area is carefully ramped to reduce resistance. The tone chamber is not only slightly elliptical in shape, but is also threaded to facilitate the production of the lower tones. The solid brass shank weight, which is removable to provide tonal options, increases resonance and projection. The facing curve is pure radial and the facing length is an extra long 52 on a standard mouthpiece gauge. The tip opening is optimized for this specific facing curve at .105. The Dragon’s Tongue has virtually no blowing resistance.




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