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Saxgourmet Rottweiler Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


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ROCK & ROLL SPECIFIC  the Rottweiler series alto and tenor mouthpieces are designed for the player who wants the maximum amount of volume, brightness, and projection. The shy and timid need not apply!

EXTREMELY LONG HIGH CLIFF BAFFLE  the baffle extends the full length of the beak of the Rottweiler. It terminates at the tone chamber with a vertical cliff.

THE BIGGEST WINDOW OF ANY MOUTHPIECE  the window of the Rottweiler series extends almost the entire length of the table to give maximum volume.

VERY LONG RADIAL FACING CURVE  the curve, which is a pure radial, measures 42 on the alto Rottweiler and 52 on the tenor Rottweiler

LARGE ELLIPTICAL TONE CHAMBER  favors the development of upper partials to add brightness and projection to the tone.

VERY LONG DUCKBILL BEAK  allows maximum vibration for increased projection

SINGLE SCREW FOUR POINT LIGATURE  exclusive to this model, holds the reed firmly with minimal actual contact, allowing free vibration

EXTRA MASS AT THE SHANK  improves resonance and adds a nice “core” to the sound

MACHINED FROM A SOLID BRASS BILLET  there simply are no seams, so resonance is substantially increased. The brass utilized is bell quality musical brass, the very highest grade available.

EACH ROTTWEILER IS COMPLETELY HAND FACED  at our offices in New Orleans, and each one is play tested by Steve Goodson.

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