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Saxgourmet Super 400 Alto


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ROSE BRASS CONSTRUCTION  The Super 400 series use a 84% copper alloy to give the horns a much richer and more complex tone. The addition of more copper (almost all other saxophones use only 70% copper) produces more lower and mid range harmonics and prevents excessive shrillness.

TWO NECKS  for two entirely different tones. The #1 neck is constructed of rose brass, and has a very rich and complex sound. The #2 neck is dimensionally identical, but is constructed of gold brass, and gives a brighter tone with more projection and “cut”.

FULL RIB CONSTRUCTION  gives additional strength to the keywork to hold adjustment and prevent leaks.

KANGAROO LEATHER PADS  Kangaroo leather is both the softest and the strongest leather in the world. The pads have a firm feel, and the kangaroo leather prevents excessive pad noise. Due to the unique cell structure of marsupials, kangaroo pads do not stick. The black color of the pads gives the Super 400 an extremely distinctive look.

SOLID COPPER AIRTIGHT RESONATORS  give a natural reflection of the waves as they travel through the body. The resonators are securely installed with a through rivet and have a perimeter rim which seals the resonator to the pad leather and prevents any “blow through” leaks.

KEYWORK TO HIGH G  the Super 400 saxophone has an extended range up to high G. The dedicated mechanism (mounted right above the high F# key touch) makes a perfect high G attainable as easily as any other note on the horn.

UPPER STACK SPEAKER KEY  corrects the troublesome intonation and voicing issues associated with the second register and palm keys of the saxophone. This Saxgourmet exclusive is fully automatic and requires no additional moving parts or springs. You can hear the difference immediately!

NEVER STICK G# MECHANISM  the most common saxophone problem is completely and permanently resolved through the use of an ingenius teeter bar system which makes a sticking G# pad a thing of the past!

F# HELPER BAR  assures leak free operation of the F# pad on the lower stack. The F# Helper Bar is fully screw adjustable

THREADED TENON INTERIORS  create a “boundary layer” which allows the wave to move smoothly through the horn, thereby eliminating the instability often associated with the low C and low B.

DOUBLE ARMS ON THE LOW C, LOW B, AND LOW Bb  prevent the large key cups from moving and assure leak free operation and an extremely positive “feel” when executing these notes

ERGONOMIC THUMB RESTS  the right hand thumb rest has an extra wing to fully support the last digit of the thumb, giving unsurpassed comfort. The metal thumb rest for the left hand is fully domed to allow easy activation of the octave key.

THREE RING STRAP HOOK  allows the player to easily alter the playing position, and accommodates a variety of body sizes.

FULL VERY EXTENSIVE HAND CUT ENGRAVING  on the bell flare, the bell, the bow, the body tube, both necks, and all key cups. No other saxophone has as much engraving.

DEEP WATER ABALONE KEY TOUCHES  on the B, A, G, G#, F#, F, E, and D keys. Abalone is far more beautiful and durable than conventional materials which are ordinarily used on saxophones.

BEAUTIFUL COPPER PLATING  gives the Super 400 a very distinctive appearance. The plating is protected by an electrostatically applied clear coat which prevents tarnishing and eliminates the need for polishing.

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