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Stainless Steel Super Duck Tenor Mouthpiece

$450.00 $325.00

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Product Description

For those of you who want an extremely responsive mouthpiece with plenty of cut and projection, here’s your answer. Our Stainless Steel Super Duck will pretty much peel paint at 30 paces. It has a high baffle with a big chamber and an extra long pure radial curve. Each one is hand faced and play tested here in New Orleans. The stainless steel construction gives it a very high mass which results in a very unique, full sound with lots of complex harmonics. Available tips are .090, .105, .120   Comes with our Saxgourmet ligature and cap. There’s just nothing that sounds quite like stainless steel. For many years it has been the mouthpiece material of choice for many jazz and rock players, including Sonny Rollins and Bobby Keys.


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