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18 Jul

SECRETS OF A GREAT PAD JOB As most of you know, I do a fair amount of design consulting for saxophone manufacturers outside of our own brands. Last week, I had a lengthy discussion with a factory owner who viewed some very small cost savings as being more important than the ultimate performance of the […]

The Manufacturing History of Conn and King

18 Jul

The Manufacturing History of Conn and King For the next couple of issues, I would like to divert the discussion of saxophone design to a review of the manufacturing history of a few prominent American makers. Tracing their evolution and contributions gives us a good perspective on how saxophones evolved, and I believe it is […]


17 Jul

Steve Goodson: Saxophone Designer, Visionary, and Guru By T. R. Johnson The saxophone has always been the province of the boldest innovators. When Antoine Joseph “Adolphe” Sax first developed the horn in the 1840s, his competitors tried to ruin him any number of times – twice, they made attempts on his life. But Sax knew […]

Steve Goodson Interview by Thomas Erdmann

15 Jul

Steve Goodson by Thomas Erdmann Steve Goodson by Thomas Erdmann There is no good place to start this article. Saxophonist and professional musician since the age of 14, band leader, woodwind instrument manufacturer and retailer, saxophone design consultant, performance and instrument manufacturer clinician who is also the star of three instructional DVDs on this subject, […]

Who Are the Professional Musicians?

15 Jul

  Who are the real professional musicians? It’s getting harder and harder to find them…..they might even qualify for “endangered species” status these days……of course, there are still a few around, but the employment opportunities are becoming fewer and fewer. There’s lots of finger pointing and attempts at blame assignment for this situation, very little […]

The Selmer Varitone…….What Were They Thinking?

15 Jul

The Selmer Varitone: What Were They Thinking? by Steve “Saxgourmet” Goodson Put yourself in the shoes of a wind instrument manufacturer in the 1960’s: the “British Invasion” is in full swing, and every teenager everywhere is letting their hair grow and learning to play electric guitar. Interest in music has never been higher, but the […]

The Demise and Fall of the Powell Silver Eagle Saxophone

15 Jul

The Demise of the Powell Silver Eagle Saxophone   On September 23, 2010, Steven Wasser, the owner of Powell Flutes, announced that the company was going to be unveiling a new, saxophone. His statement to the press on that date promised “…the United States represents 50% of the world saxophone market, but none of the saxophones available […]

My Favorite Saxophone Repair Tools

15 Jul

Anybody who has ever visited my repair shop knows that I’m a sucker for tools…..if there’s a saxophone repair tool that exists on this planet that I don’t have, it’s most likely because I didn’t know it existed. Seriously, boys and girls….you can’t do a world class job of repairing saxophones if you don’t have […]

Electric Saxophones!

15 Jul

I’m old enough to remember the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and the fact that many of us who were making a living playing the saxophone during those days did something that would be absolutely unthinkable today: we had electronic pickups permanently installed on our saxophones, a procedure which almost always involved drilling a hole […]

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